Got a Smart Phone ?

Visit our School mobile web app to keep you updated on all the latest School updates at Demo Primary
School. Available for Android & Windows Phones.We try to move at the same pace with the development
of digital technologies because every student uses his gadgets for different purposes, and for educational
purposes as well, for example, to buy sociology papers via
It is quite convenient and simplifies many routine processes.

Please note: you must visit our School website on your mobile phone to access the following applications.

Thorntondale Primary web app for Android Phones

Thorntondale Primary web app for Windows Phones

Thorntondale Primary web app for iPhones

Step 1: To add our school web app to your iPhone, simply click the
button on the left.
Step 2: On your mobile device, click the 'Share' button located at the
bottom of the screen and click 'Add to Home Screen'.

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